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With the largest ready to ship inventory in North America, Jayhawk is the leading manufacturer/supplier of paper knives, cutting sticks, and accessories for guillotine cutters and 3 knife trimmers.


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Jayhawk.com product lines include Diamond Cut® paper knives, Bladesaver® cutting sticks, Jogger Blocks, Magnetic Clamp Pads, and Knife Guards for every cutter and 3 knife trimmer in today's global market. Jayhawk continually develops new technology and product quality to serve our customers with the lowest cost solutions in paper cutting and trimming.


Sizes Not Listed

Our website contains the most popular sizes and materials for knives and cutting sticks. We stock hundreds of knives and thousands of stick sizes in addition to what's listed. Please email or call us for pricing information on sizes not listed.


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Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff is available to provide live help, 8am - 5pm CST, at 800.444.9789 or by email at billing@jayhawkplastics.com.

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